Artem Pasyechnyk

Engineering Leader | Startup Founder | Forbes 30U30 | Waterloo SoftEng

Oakland, California


14 years of experience with a track record of building high-performance teams, scalable products, and 0 → 1 solutions. My mission is to build products that encourage delightful, seamless and trustful relationships between people and technology—particularly in the fields of AI, human-computer interaction, data visualization, and technology-enabled collaboration.

Core Strengths

  • Product Strategy & Execution: Defining product vision, cross-functional roadmaps, and success metrics. Directing operational excellence and continuous feedback.

  • Team Leadership & Development: Situational leadership, coaching, end-to-end hiring strategy, and career development. I am a strong believer in the power of empathy to lead people with context, not control.

  • Tech & Frameworks: React/React Native, TypeScript/Javascript, LLMs/Prompt Engineering, Ruby/Rails, Go, NodeJS/Deno, Python/Django, C#/.NET, C++, Postgres, NoSQL.


Roblox - Engineering Manager, Trust & Safety

April 2023 - Present

  • Founded the Moderation Services team, leading a cross-functional effort to centralize and scale all moderation activity for >300m MAUs and >60m monthly generated assets. Working back from Safety's goal of 90% automation by 2025, developed a team charter and comprehensive 2-year roadmap focused on increased platform coverage and capabilities, quality, and operational efficiency.

  • Leading the restructuring of the Customer Care team around automation targets. This includes a complete overhaul of all support agent workflows and tooling, along with the development of a greenfield LLM-based chatbot to handle Tier-1 support. Targeting cost neutrality in '24 (-50% in '25), with increased accuracy and reduced latency.

  • Driving C-Suite vision for 2024/25 to centralize and secure all moderation and support activity across >30 distinct surfaces, ensuring complete auditability, security, and reversibility of all actions taken.

  • Launched Roblox's Appeals portal, transforming a manual 20-step process in Zendesk into a first-class user experience. The launch increased appeal frequency, reduced false-positive rate, and decreased review latency from days to minutes.

  • Orchestrated team restructuring and process overhaul, transitioning from an ad-hoc approach to a systematic, data-driven process. Achieved 80% roadmap completion in H2 2023 across 2 pods and 20+ projects, up from <50%.

  • Introduced a new performance review template promoting fairness and efficiency in Safety calibrations. The process will be rolled out to Roblox more broadly next cycle.

CodeCursor, LLC - Independent Contractor

September 2022 - April 2023

  • Provided strategic guidance and technical leadership to multiple early-stage YC startups, helping them achieve ambitious company-building, development, and hiring goals.

  • Developed domain expertise in HRMS and Data Privacy, along with NextJS, Tailwind and Supabase.

Canix (YC S’19) - Founder and CTO

March 2019 - September 2022

  • Founded and scaled Canix, a next-gen ERP for the cannabis industry to

    millions in
    ARR and 40 employees within 3 years. Raised $14m in funding and won TechCrunch Disrupt 2020.

  • Canix is the #1 rated cannabis software on G2 due to our relentless focus on simplicity and ease of use, inspired by 100s of customer on-sites and discovery calls with executives, managers and line workers.

  • Personally developed >50% of the product, including an offline-enabled React Native app with RFID & Bluetooth integrations, real-time environmental monitoring, comprehensive P&L reporting, and 30+ automated business workflows.

  • Built and led a fully remote product team of 18, consisting of 2 engineering teams, head of design and a quality lead. The team is fully remote across the US, Canada and LatAm.

Facebook - Software Engineer and Manager

August 2014 - March 2019

  • Supported and Mobile Financial Services, expanding internet awareness and financial inclusion in emerging markets through partnerships with local telcos, fintechs, and traditional banks.

  • As a tech lead on, I directly contributed to the highest-ROI growth initiatives at the company (e.g. Free Facebook and Free Messenger), expanding Facebook's addressable market by millions of MAUs each quarter.

  • As a manager on Mobile Financial Services, I led a team of 13 engineers in onboarding over 300k weekly transacting people in the Philippines and Peru onto digital mobile money wallets. My team and I built a payments stack end to end for use in Facebook Messenger, including digital topup, bill payment, P2P payments, KYC, and cash-in/cash-out flows.

  • Promoted from IC3 to M1 in under 4 years, recognized for strong execution, leadership and cross-functional alignment.


Osmic - Portfolio Manager for Angel Investors

September 2023 - Present

  • Osmic is an LLM-enabled portfolio management tool for angel investors, built to help angels track their investments, manage their dealflow, and collaborate with other investors. In active use by a friend and angel investor.

  • Built with NextJS 14 + TypeScript, Supabase Postgres, Langchain and OpenAI APIs.

AI Engineering via Scrimba

  • Running through (and building a portfolio from) a multi-week course on AI Engineering, Machine Learning, Data Engineering, and MLOps. Recommended by a fellow YC founder.


University of Waterloo - Software Engineering

Graduated May 2014