Artem Pasyechnyk

Oakland, CA


12 years of engineering experience building infrastructure, products, teams, and companies. Looking for a technical leadership role with wide-ranging accountability, ownership and agency. Waterloo SWE Grad and Y Combinator alumni. Forbes 30U30.


  • Leadership: Situational leadership, coaching, hiring, vision and strategy (e.g. OKRs and mission alignment).

  • Product: React/React Native, TypeScript/Javascript, LLMs/Prompt Engineering, Android, Java, Scala.

  • Infrastructure: Ruby/Rails, Go, NodeJS/Deno, Hack, Python/Django, C#/.NET, C++, Postgres, NoSQL.


Roblox - Engineering Manager, Trust & Safety

April 2023 - Present

  • Supporting the newly formed Moderation Services team. Independently established the team's charter, crafting success metrics and a comprehensive roadmap for 2023-2024, with a focus on scalability, quality, testing, and operational efficiency.

  • Orchestrated team restructuring and process overhaul, transitioning from an ad-hoc/request-driven approach to a systematic, data-driven strategy, culminating in an 80% roadmap completion rate in H2 2023.

  • Initiated key projects enhancing platform robustness and user experience, including self-serve UI revamp, system load testing, end to end testing, and intelligent alert routing for moderation quality issues.

  • Established a cross-company Safety QBR process via a quarterly Safety Integrator Forum and a monthly mailing list to connect with customers and disseminate safety best practices, feature updates, and key metrics.

  • Collaborated with Safety leadership to refine the performance review template, promoting fairness and efficiency, and streamlining the calibration process.

  • Conducted regular Career Conversations with all 12 engineers, fostering a growth-oriented team culture and aligning individual goals with team objectives.

Canix (YC S’19) - Co-founder and CTO

March 2019 - September 2022

  • Raised $14m (Seed & Series A) and grew the company to

    millions in
    ARR over 3 years, with 40 employees. Launched in 22 distinct geographies (16 US states, Canada and 5 international), supporting both SMB and Enterprise customers across the cannabis supply chain (from cultivation, to manufacturing and distribution, to retail). Canix is the winner of TechCrunch Disrupt 2020.

  • Directly hired, onboarded and managed a core product team of 18, consisting of 2 engineering teams, as well as design and quality leads. The team is fully remote across the US, Canada and LatAm.

  • Managed the product roadmap from top to bottom: customer on-sites, weekly oncall support, roadmap planning, scoping and sequencing, code review and feature development. I was also the company's data scientist and lead on all things security (e.g. SOC2).

  • Built over 50% of the product, including: an offline-enabled React Native app with RFID & Bluetooth scale peripheral integrations, accounting and inventory integrations with 10+ third-party systems, real-time environmental data monitoring and visualization, a wide range of sales and accounting tools/reports/forecasts, as well as over 30 in-product workflows and approvals integrated with state compliance systems.

Facebook - Software Engineer and Manager

August 2014 - March 2019

  • Supported and Mobile Financial Services, expanding internet awareness and financial inclusion in emerging markets through partnerships with local telcos, fintechs, and traditional banks.

  • As a tech lead on, I directly contributed to the highest-ROI Growth initiatives at the company (e.g. Free Facebook and Free Messenger), expanding Facebook's addressable market by millions of MAUs each quarter.

  • As a manager on Mobile Financial Services, I led a team of 13 engineers to onboard over 300k weekly transacting people in the Philippines and Peru onto digital (mobile money) wallets. My team and I enabled a brand new payments stack in Facebook Messenger, including digital topup, bill payment, P2P payments, KYC, and cash-in/cash-out flows, as well as several geo-specific products and promotions.

Facebook - Software Engineering Intern

January 2013 - December 2013

  • 2x intern on the Core Systems and Places teams, focused on distributed systems and internal tooling.

  • Worked on augmenting Facebook's internal branch of ZooKeeper (used for distributed system co-ordination). Increased cluster read throughput 15x, with minimal impact on write throughput.

  • Designed, developed and evangelized an internal tool for rapid development and testing of DataSwarm pipelines, reducing development & test time down from weeks to hours.

PagerDuty - Software Engineering Intern

May 2012 - August 2012

  • Worked on PagerDuty's foundational real-time messaging infrastructure, allowing alerts to be routed to various channels (email, SMS, phone) with escalating levels of urgency.

  • In my final 2 weeks, I prototyped and demoed the initial version of what would become the PagerDuty mobile app.


Osmic - Portfolio Manager for Angel Investors

  • Osmic is an LLM-enabled portfolio management tool for angel investors, built to help angels track their investments, manage their dealflow, and collaborate with other investors.

  • Built in a month as a side project. A friend is currently using it to manage their portfolio. Non revenue generating, but will be monetized in 2024.

  • Built with NextJS 14 + TypeScript, Vercel PG, and OpenAI APIs.

AI Engineering via Scrimba

  • Running through (and building a portfolio from) a multi-week course on AI Engineering, Machine Learning, Data Engineering, and MLOps. Recommended by a fellow YC founder.


University of Waterloo - Software Engineering

Graduated May 2014